The Surprising Science of Happiness

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert says our beliefs about what will make us happy are often wrong which is an idea that he’s spent studying and explained in today’s episode of the Pick the Brain Podcast. The full version of this speech originally aired at and can be found by clicking HERE. Dan’s book Stumbling on Happiness can be found here.

Brain Hacks from Mel Robbins to Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Is motivation garbage? How to you go from knowledge to action? On this episode of the show we’ll hear a clip from Inside Quest from Mel Robbins on the concept that motivation might be garbage and a brain-hacking technique called the 5 second rule.

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Tiny Habits that Lead to Huge Results

Sometimes the most high-impact habits are those that don’t require very much time or energy. In this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy will discuss 3 simple habits for living a bold and authentic life as well as 5 simple habits that research shows can increase your happiness and overall well being.

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How to Stop Worrying and Live in the Moment

So many of us are letting life pass us by without being mindful of where we are right now. In a way, right now is all we really have. Our past is now just a memory in our mind and the future hasn’t happened yet so all we have it now. Let’s take the time to reconnect our minds and our bodies with a special edition episode of the podcast which is one part reflection and one part application. Are you ready to live in the moment?

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– PTB Article How to Live in This Moment