Our brains have old programming …

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Not that long ago we relied on our brains to keep us alert and safe from threats like getting eaten by a saber tooth tiger or freezing in the winter. So this thing called ‘worry’ evolved and if you were a worrier you were much more likely to survive. Worriers thought about and prepared for the worst. They looked for signs that something was about to go wrong or wasn’t safe. They avoided facing their fears because taking big risks might have meant death. And for tens of thousands of years worry was a friend to humans, and along with intelligence it helped them reach the top of the food chain. In today’s world most of us don’t have to worry that death is lurking around every corner.

But there’s a problem.

We still have that worry programming and the mind that used to keep us safe now stalls our progress and makes us unhappy. Dwelling on the worst case scenario now just leads to stress and anxiety. Avoiding risk now ensures that we’ll miss out on amazing life opportunities. Living in fear now means we’ll never realize our full potential. It’s important for us to retrain our brains for happiness and fulfillment and love. But how?

Introducing the Pick the Brain Podcast, the show where we pick the brains of the brightest minds in productivity, health, and self improvement. Join us as we retrain our brains to experience and expect the best from ourselves and the best from life.

We only get one life. Why not make it incredible?

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