Tiny Habits that Lead to Huge Results

Sometimes the most high-impact habits are those that don’t require very much time or energy. In this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy will discuss 3 simple habits for living a bold and authentic life as well as 5 simple habits that research shows can increase your happiness and overall well being.

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Get Motivated with Maya Angelou

On this episode of the podcast we learn from the wisdom of one of the most influential people in history, poet Maya Angelou. We love her message so much we decided to devote an entire episode to hearing samples of a live reading she did to an audience of several thousand people. Get ready to get inspired, moved, and motivated by Dr. Maya Angelou.

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Get Motivated and Stay Motivated With One Simple Habit

Are you ready to GET MOTIVATED?! In today’s show Erin and Jeremy discuss 10 motivational tips that will actually make your life better and how to get motivated and stay motivated almost all the time using one simple habit. Ready…Set…GO!

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