2 thoughts on “You Have Been Challenged to 30 Days of Gratitude”

  1. I recently started into the Podcast world, and I am so glad that I ran into one of your episodes. I have told several people about how much I enjoy this podcast, especially the 30 day gratitude challenge.
    My kids and I are only a few days into the challenge, and one reluctantly gives me short answers. However, each day they get better and better and I know he is picking his brain to think of some of his answers. I look forward to seeing what the end of the challenge brings and how many of my friends join in on the challenge with us.
    I really just thought I would let you both know, how much I can relate to most of your podcast subjects. Almost every episode has given me some new insight and has me thinking of how it personally relates to me in my own life and my own thoughts. So… Thank you!

    1. Lynzie, thanks so much for your email. Erin and I are really excited that you’re having fun with the Gratitude Challenge. Thanks so much for carrying the movement forward and for being a listener to the show!


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