Finding True Vision: How the Blind Can Lead the Blind

Today’s show features an incredible message from speaker Vera Jones (verasvoiceworks.com) on her experience with finding your true vision. Vera is a hall of fame athlete, broadcaster, and speaker whose experience as a mother taught her incredible lessons about the blind leading the blind.

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Full Speech: How the Blind Can Lead the Blind

Vera Jones

The Incredible Power of Momentum

There is one quality that might be one of the most underrated topics in making progress in your life. That quality is MOMENTUM. In this episode Erin and Jeremy will discuss the incredible power of momentum and discuss a few game changing products that can help you get the ball rolling to getting what you want out of life.

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PTB Article: The Psychology of Momentum

PTB Article: 9 Game Changing Products to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Get Motivated: Special Episode Monday Mix

Are you ready to GET MOTIVATED?! On this special episode of the podcast we will be featuring a mix put together by Youtuber Motiversity which features music and clips from Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Steve Jobs, and other inspirational voices that will  kick us into gear and inspire us to rise and grind. Ready…set…GO!!!

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Source: Rise and Grind Motivational Mix

“Thank God I Got Fired” – Lisa Kudrow

Sometimes life happens. For many people that’s getting fired from their job, missing out on opportunities, or even having friends betray you. Often times however, those events can lead you down a path that you would have never found had you not experienced those events. Today we’ll hear from actress Lisa Kudrow on why she’s happy she was fired.

The Funny Relationship Between Success and Failure

Often there’s an all too close relationship between success and failure. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to be the thing that makes you successful or the thing that’s going to be your next failure. On today’s show we’ll hear an excerpt from one of the most successful and funny people on the planet, Will Ferrell.

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Will Ferrell’s Commencement Address

3 Steps for an Incredible Life with Oprah Winfrey

On this episode of the Pick the Brain Podcast we’ll hear from one of the most influential women to ever live, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has three steps that she feels is critical for building an incredible life – steps that she attributes to her massive success. And as always Erin and Jeremy break down the most important points at the end of the show!

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How to Read 47 Books Per Year Without Breaking a Sweat

Is it possible to read 47 books in a single year? It might be easier than you think. In this episode Erin and Jeremy will discuss how to read faster as well as things you can do that will actually increase your intelligence.

Show Notes:

PTB Article: How to Read 47 Books in One Year

PTB Article: 6 Practices that Will Definitely Make You Smarter

How to Get Sh*t Done – Book by Erin Falconer

World Changing Choices with Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is not only the wealthiest man alive, he’s the founder of a world changing company, Amazon.com. In today’s show he’ll be expressing his opinions on the importance of choices and as always Erin and Jeremy will be recapping and discussing his perspective.


The Importance of Living From Someone Who’s Dying

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Professor Randy Pausch gave a lecture at Carnegie Mellon University titled “The Last Lecture”. And though the lecture’s title comes from the final lecture that will be given to a professor’s students before the next semester beings, in Randy’s case this might have actually been his last lecture. In it he brings us wisdom and inspiration for living your childhood dreams and life advice from someone who knows he’s dying.

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The Last Lecture – Original

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert says our beliefs about what will make us happy are often wrong which is an idea that he’s spent studying and explained in today’s episode of the Pick the Brain Podcast. The full version of this speech originally aired at Ted.com and can be found by clicking HERE. Dan’s book Stumbling on Happiness can be found here.