2 thoughts on “31 Inconvenient Career Truths”

  1. I found this one to be slightly discouraging and I’m curious what you guys think. I just graduated college and have been working hard towards things that are my passion. A lot of podcasts and books always advise people to follow the things we are truly passionate about and eventually money will follow (sure maybe not a lot, but it will). I know it depends on your specific passion, but do you guys think if you had heard this before your successes, it would have been discouraging? I know you have your own book Erin, so if you had heard this before writing it, would you have thought “Oh gosh, he mentioned oversaturated market and high competition. Maybe I should rethink this.” It’s super inspiring that you did publish a book and I think you’re the kind of person who truly followed what you are passionate about. Let me know what you guys think!

    1. Thanks for the question Amanda. We’re going to answer your question on a future episode of the show, most likely next week’s! Stay tuned! -Jeremy

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