Life Lessons From a Rare Steve Jobs Interview

On today’s episode of the Pick the Brain podcast Erin and Jeremy will discuss points made by the late Steve Jobs in a 1994, after he had already achieved success with Apple computers  but before he made one of the most influential changes of all time, the introduction of the iphone. Let’s jump in!

Show Notes:
Original Interview


Special Episode: Principles From a Billionaire

In this episode we’ll be hearing a short web series created by Bridgewater founder and billionaire Ray Dalio. The audio from this episode was originally published on youtube HERE as a video series and is based on Ray Dalio’s book Principles, which can be found HERE.

Show Notes:
More from Ray Dalio
Ray’s Book
Original Video

How to Turn Our Adversities Into Our Advantages

Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani artist, model, activist, speaker, singer, and television host. In today’s episode Erin and Jeremy will be discussing perspectives provided by Muniba on how she converted a physical limitation into an advantage.

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Original Speech
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