The Most Underrated Emotion We’ll Ever Feel

What’s the most underrated emotion you’ll ever feel? You’ll find out on today’s episode from Marquette University’s 2018 Commencement Address, which featured Jeannie Gaffigan, Comm ’92, and Jim Gaffigan, who talk about the experiences they’ve had when facing illness and how to maintain one of the most important emotions we’ll ever feel.

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Original Speech

7 Minimalist Ways to Declutter Your Life

One of the most popular subjects in the self improvement space right now is the art of minimalism, particularly as it pertains to the amount of things you have in your life. In this episode Erin and Jeremy discuss steps suggested in a PTB article about minimalism and how we can apply some of the best principles to our lives.

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7 Minimalist Ways to Declutter Your Life

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Timeless Lessons from a Familiar Voice

If you were a child in the late 60’s through early 2000’s you probably had some familiarity with Fred Rogers, AKA Mr. Rogers, host of the very popular children’s show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. In this episode Erin and Jeremy will be talking about the impact of Mr. Rogers and discussing the commencement address he made where he reminds us that our differences are smaller than we think.

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Original Commencement Speech from Mr. Rogers

Ready to LOL? Why Laughter is Good For Your Brain

In this special episode of the show Erin and Jeremy will be listening in on a few comedy bits from some very funny comedians and discussing the health benefits that your brain experiences from laughter. Ready to laugh out loud?

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Ellen benefits of laughter video
Jim Gaffigan Full Video
Ellen DeGeneres Full Comedy Special

Controlling the Momentum of Limiting Beliefs and Fear – Conclusion from Matthew McConaughey

Is fear a good thing? When are our limiting beliefs realistic and when are they man-made? How much does the stacking of stressors begin to take a toll on us? All of these questions and more are discussed on this part 2 episode of the podcast where Erin and Jeremy will finish up discussing ideas presented by actor Matthew McConaughey.

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Original Speech

Happiness Should Not be Your Goal – Matthew McConaughey

With so much talk of happiness out in the personal development space you might be hard pressed to hear someone say that happiness should not be your goal. In this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy will hear part one of a speech delivered by actor Matthew McConaughey delivered to graduates of the University of Houston.

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Original Video

“What is in Your Life’s Blueprint?” – Martin Luther King Jr.

In this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy will be hearing and discussing a speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the American civil rights movement and one of the most influential people of all time. Today’s speech was delivered to students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia on October 26, 1967. Today’s message has inspiring calls to action in the pursuit of beauty, love, and justice.

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Original Speech

Surprising Truths About Persistence, Endurance, and Beauty

Today’s show features segments from a speech delivered by record-breaking hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis on the lessons she learned hiking the Appalachian Trail. In 2011, despite facing sickness and hypothermia, Jennifer became the fastest person (male or female) to hike the 14 state-long Appalachian trail. If you’re like Erin and Jeremy, you might be surprised to hear what she learned on her journey.

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More from Jennifer Pharr Davis
Original Full Length Speech
Jennifer’s Book

Feeling Emotionally Drained? This Might Be Why

Are you feeling emotionally drained? This episode is for you. Often it’s the people in our lives that we care the most about that drain us the most. In this episode Erin and Jeremy will be discussing how to avoid being a people pleaser and how to establish boundaries with people that are emotional vampires. Let’s jump in!

Show Notes:
7 Mind Hacks to Permanently Erase the People Pleaser Mentality
5 Ways to Deal with People Who Drain You Emotionally

Get Motivated with Kick Ass Quotes from Kick Ass People

Are you ready to get motivated? In today’s special episode you’ll hear from five kick ass people that share their views on the world and what it means to be a human. Get ready to get inspired.
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Dr. Neal Degrass Tyson
Lauren Hill
Alan Watts
Mo Gowdat
David Goggins