Making the Impossible Possible with Marc Angelo Coppola

On this very special episode the founder and CEO of Superhero Academy, Marc Angelo Coppola joins Erin and Jeremy to discuss the idea that we should look at the world through a superhero lens if we really want to try to make an impact. How do you make the impossible possible? This episode is a great place to start.

Show Notes:

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5 Best Apps for Boosting Your Productivity

One of the most common recommendations by successful and productive people is to have a morning ritual or morning routine to start your day off on the right foot. In this episode Erin and Jeremy discuss the importance of morning routines for increasing your productivity. They also discuss how to leverage technology with the 5 best apps for boosting your productivity.

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Learn the Art of Saying No

As we grow and work on ourselves, it’s wise to find mentors and follow people that we find inspiring so we can learn from them qualities that help us pursue our goals. But that doesn’t mean that we should compare ourselves to others to the detriment of our individuality. In this episode you’ll learn how to stop comparing yourself to other people and how to exercise your “NO” muscles.

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Monday Inspiration to Kick Start Your Week

Sometimes inspiration is all around us, we just don’t notice. In today’s episode Erin and Jeremy hear an inspirational story from an unexpected place, then you’ll hear 22 inspirational quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Get Motivated and Stay Motivated With One Simple Habit

Are you ready to GET MOTIVATED?! In today’s show Erin and Jeremy discuss 10 motivational tips that will actually make your life better and how to get motivated and stay motivated almost all the time using one simple habit. Ready…Set…GO!

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Special Episode: How to Become a Successful Writer and Blogger

What should a writer do to make sure they’re writing things people want to read? How can a writer get a publishing deal? What does the publishing process look like and how does it work? What’s it like to run a blog like Pick the Brain? If these are question you’ve ever asked this podcast is for you! Erin and Jeremy give you a peek behind the scenes of in this special episode of the Pick the Brain Podcast.

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Facing Life’s Toughest Moments and Embracing the Unacceptable

There are a lot of voices in the self-improvement world that suggest burying your head in the sand when bad things happen and pretending that bad things don’t happen to good people. That’s simply not true. Sometimes life hands you lemons that are too rotten to make lemonade with. In this episode Erin and Jeremy keep it real and discuss embracing unacceptable circumstances and finding the power in your story even if your story doesn’t have a happy ending.

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Friendship Detoxing and Finding Your True Tribe

In this episode Erin and Jeremy discuss Jim Rohn’s quote “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. It’s important to identify whether or not people in your life are helping you get where you want to go. If you have any toxic friendships it might be time for a friendship detox. Erin and Jeremy will also be discussing how to connect and attract like-minded people.

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Tips for More Energy and Better Sleep in the New Year

Finding energy to last through the day seems to be harder than ever, especially now that many of us spend the majority of our day sitting in our offices staring at a computer. Not only is our energy being impacted by inactivity, but our sleep is also being interrupted. What can we do? That’s the topic in this episode of the Pick the Brain Podcast.

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How to Stop Worrying and Live in the Moment

So many of us are letting life pass us by without being mindful of where we are right now. In a way, right now is all we really have. Our past is now just a memory in our mind and the future hasn’t happened yet so all we have it now. Let’s take the time to reconnect our minds and our bodies with a special edition episode of the podcast which is one part reflection and one part application. Are you ready to live in the moment?

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