Finding True Vision: How the Blind Can Lead the Blind

Today’s show features an incredible message from speaker Vera Jones ( on her experience with finding your true vision. Vera is a hall of fame athlete, broadcaster, and speaker whose experience as a mother taught her incredible lessons about the blind leading the blind.

Show Notes:

Full Speech: How the Blind Can Lead the Blind

Vera Jones

Making the Impossible Possible with Marc Angelo Coppola

On this very special episode the founder and CEO of Superhero Academy, Marc Angelo Coppola joins Erin and Jeremy to discuss the idea that we should look at the world through a superhero lens if we really want to try to make an impact. How do you make the impossible possible? This episode is a great place to start.

Show Notes:

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Signs You Need to Quit Your Job ASAP

Are you finding yourself saying “Thank God it’s Friday” and “Oh God it’s Monday”? It might be time to get out of that job! On this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy will be discussing the warning signs that it might be time for a new job, making an exit plan, and how to define your dreams to live on your terms in your career and in life.

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– PTB Article: How to Define Your Dreams and Live How You Want