Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Our minds are powerful. So powerful that they can convince us that something isn’t possible even though it is. In this episode of the podcast Erin and Jeremy discuss an article written by Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory on the topic of bending your mind to your will, as well as the importance of life long learning.

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2 thoughts on “Eliminating Limiting Beliefs”

  1. Hey guys! I absolutely love this podcast. But I do have some questions. About halfway through the podcast you started talking about stripping your beliefs and building them back up again. You suggested this to find your true values and grow as a person. Do you have any way that you suggest to do that? I feel like growing up getting an education and having a job you get very set in beliefs of what you can and cannot do. That those almost cover up You’re a true beliefs. When I think about my believes and values I start to think about what I’m already good at and what I Already know due to parents, friends, education, experience. How do you suggest clearing your mind of all of that and finding your true beliefs without that getting in the way? Can’t wait for your response! Thanks for a great podcast. Bree Silhavy

    1. Hi Bree, thanks so much for your question. We are going to add it to our schedule and answer it on the show so everyone else can hear our response. Keep your ears peeled for your answer – we’ll be sure to give you a shout out!

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